About our company

We are a group of technology specialists and developers whose sole purpose is to provide our clients with the latest cutting edge hardware, software and networking solutions.

We provide a great amount of services to a wide spectrum of clients, from individuals to small businesses and corporate giants, we have, or will create a technology solution for anyone and hopefully everyone.

EDIT covered a lot of ground and gained valuable amounts of hard-earned experience in the South African technology sector over the years, we work with the most elite individuals to ensure that we can deliver high quality products with excellent service and record-setting deployment times.

Mobile and embedded device specialists

Through the years, mobility in technology became a very important factor in both business and personal environments.
With that in mind, we are pleased to tell our clients that we can provide software solutions for almost any mobile platform that exists today.

For those looking to expand the reach of their presence to accomodate mobile users, you've come to the right place as we can create mobile applications and web sites using all the latest technologies on the market.